28.09.2021 09:00 - Poll Results: Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5?

Today (29.09.2021), we are closing the fourth EE2.eu Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5? Details (click)

What are the new ambient sounds?
The new ambient sounds were added to Unofficial Patch 1.5 in update 158015 (click to learn more).

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5?
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "Yes", "They're too loud", "They're too silent", "No", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 04.08.2021, closed on 28.09.2021 ~08:30 CET, and exited with the following result:
(69 votes total): Yes (71.01%), They're too loud (14.49%), They're too silent (2.9%), No (4.35%), I don't know (7.25%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our fourth Community Poll!

Are the new ambient sounds too loud?
Due to a relatively high percentage of "They're too loud (14.49%)" votes, I would like to remind that the original EE2 ambient sounds (before UP1.5) were up to 70% louder than the current new ones. With some UP1.5 update in the past, the original ambient sounds volume has been drastically reduced in order to hide their bad quality. Now, when the new high quality audio was purchased, the volume is a little bit higher than in the previous versions of Unofficial Patch 1.5, but still lower than it was in EE2 originally. Reducing the volume even more would make the new sounds unhearable. It's already impossible to hear the ambient sounds in late-game (during battles, explosions). I believe that the current volume settings is fine.
It's worth to mention that the ambient sounds can be disabled in the game, by: Settings -> Audio -> Ambient On.

Can I restore the old ambient sounds?
Yes. You can try one of the two following methods:
1. Click to read: How to disable the additional content (units, buildings, models, sounds and camera settings)?
2. Create an empty file named "db_158_disable_new_ambient_sounds.zip" in the "zips" folder in your game installation directory. This will inform UP15_GameHelper.dll to use the old ambient sounds.

22.09.2020 14:30 - Empire Earth II: AI-Enhanced Trailers & Other Videos.

Here's a collection of Empire Earth II Trailers, Promotional and the other videos, AI-Enhanced and upscaled to 2160p/4K/UHD. Created by: Dr. Mona Lisa, specially for EE2.eu.

Empire Earth® II: Opening Intro

Source: Game Installation Directory (EE2_E3_VUG.bik).
AI-Enhancer: Theia-Detail: EU,P (100/90/30).

Teaser Trailer - Empire Earth® II

Source: Empire Earth® II Pre-Order Bonus Disc.
AI-Enhancer: Gaia-CG: P,CG,HQ.
Description: The epic conquest continues in this first official trailer.

Behind the Scenes of Empire Earth® II (English)

Source: Empire Earth® II Pre-Order Bonus Disc.
AI-Enhancer: Gaia-HQ: P,HQ.

Film o Tworzeniu Gry Empire Earth® II (Polish)

Source: Empire Earth® II Bonus CD (ee2-makingof-PL.wmv).
AI-Enhancer: Gaia-HQ: P,HQ.

Empire Earth® II: Original Game Soundtrack

Source: Empire Earth® II Pre-Order Bonus Disc.
AI-Enhancer: Gaia-CG: P,CG,HQ.

The Empire Earth II Soundtrack is a sweeping musical epic that evokes global conquest across the ages.
Composed and Directed by: Michael G. Shapiro.
Recorded by: the Budapest Film Orchestra.
Recorded at Magyar Radio (Budapest, Hungary) and Private Island Trax (Hollywood, CA).

15.12.2019 21:30 - Tobii Eye Tracker Support in Empire Earth 2.

I'm proud to present a new, great feature for Empire Earth 2: Support for Tobii Eye Tracker devices, available since Unofficial Patch 1.5 (version 157026, December 2019). This is a non-sponsored article, and it wasn't created to advertise Tobii devices. It's because I programmed it to work with EE2 for myself, and I want to share it with the other players who use Unofficial Patch 1.5 and Tobii Eye Tracker.

What are Eye Tracker devices?
An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. Eye trackers are used in research on the visual system, in psychology, in psycholinguistics, marketing, as an input device for human-computer interaction, and in product design. Source (click).

Requirments in order to use Eye Tracking in EE2
1. You need to own a Tobii Eye Tracker device: https://gaming.tobii.com/products
2. You need to have the "Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software" installed: https://gaming.tobii.com/getstarted/
3. You need to update Unofficial Patch 1.5 to version 157026 or newer: https://ee2.eu/patch/
And that's it! The UP1.5 Launcher will detect if all required components are present/running, and will start an optimized thread which will do all the work for you, without the impact on performance!

How does the Eye Tracking work in EE2?
The base concept of this feature was to make an Eye Tracker device useful, helpful, and not annoying during game. It has been programmed especially for EE2, considering exclusion of the User Interface to not interrupt gameplay, sleep times before camera starts moving (unique for each border/corner), and much more. The only purpose of this feature is moving the camera by simulating arrow key pressess, depening on the current gaze point. The Launcher detects if the game window is active, to not cause problems when the game is minimized. Everyone has personal preferences regarding border thickness, time before camera starts moving, etc. Understanding that - I made this feature fully customizable, by the UP1.5 Configuration file. An instruction can be found later in this article. It's worth to mention, that the default Eye Tracking configuration is downloaded from EE2.eu, every time you start the Launcher. It gives a possibility to improve things "live", tweaking values without the need to download full updates.

Preview video:

Custom Configuration Instruction
Every time you start the UP1.5 Launcher - default values get an update from EE2.eu. It means, that whenever I disover issues or improvement possibilities - the configuration file on Server will be updated, and you will have the newest possible default values for Eye Tracking, without installing additional updates.

This feature can also be manually customized by the UP1.5 Configuration file - UnofficialVersionConfig.txt. To open this file, in UP1.5 Launcher, click on the "Change UP1.5 Settings" button. Then click on the blue "UnofficialVersionConfig.txt" hyperlink, right under Mona Lisa picture. This will open the Notepad with administrator rights, so you won't have problems saving the file. After every change, you need to save the file and restart game. It's currently impossible to reload settings once game is started.

Values after the "=" sign are these, which are currently default in the newest version of UP1.5 (and the configuration file from the Server). If the variable is missing in the .txt file - it means that the launcher will read the default value. It's actually recommended to leave this feature running on default settings, so after updates you won't need to re-configure it, or you won't lose potential improvements. The following configuration variables are available:

Enable (1) or Disable (0) Eye Tracking. It's the main switch for this feature:

Enable (0) or Disable (1) Windows 10 Toast Notification with information that the Tobii Eye Tracker is available:

A configuration string (the same that is downloaded from the Server). On this website you can see the newest, updated version. Please copy and paste all text (including [ ] characters). You will have to remove this line from your UnofficialVersionConfig.txt if you want to return to live updates at the Launcher start: TobiiEyeTrackerCustomConfigurationString= [EYETRACKCONF3]main,1,1,1,750,0.725,0,0,1,1|top1,1440,1000,65,75,0,0,0.31093|NoUI_top1,1440,250,40,80,0,0,|top2,1440,250,65,75,0,0,0.20703|top3,1440,500,30,0,0,65|bot1,1440,750,40,0,0,0,0.16953,0.35807|NoUI_bot1,1440,250,40,80,0,0,|bot2,1440,500,40,0,0,0|bot3,1440,500,40,0,0,0|left1,1440,250,40,80,0,0|right1,1440,250,40,80,0,0|topleft,1440,250,95,95,120,120|topright,1440,250,95,95,120,120|botleft,1440,250,90,90,120,7|botright,1440,250,90,90,120,7|NoUI_botleft,1440,250,90,90,120,120|NoUI_botright,1440,250,90,90,120,120[/EYETRACKCONF3]

Please refer to the image below, to understand how the configuration works. Positions like "top", "bot", "left", "right", "topleft", "topright", "botleft", "botright" are separated in the configuration string by the " | " character.

Section "main":
1 = The same as TobiiEyeTrackerThreadAllowed=1 described above.
2 = The same as TobiiEyeTrackerDisableWin10ToastNotification=0 described above.
3 = Enable (1) or Disable (0) inversion of the Right / Left arrows, when the CTRL key is currently pressed. Thanks to it, rotating the camera using the CTRL key is more intuitive and less confusing.
4 = Time (in miliseconds) which allows you to switch borders/corners, ignoring the extra "Sleep time" (listed below). It's useful, because without this "timeout", for example if you moved eyes from the right border to the top-right corner - camera moving would pause for 250ms (0.25sec). Too high values are also not recommended, to not unintentionally trigger the bottom scrolling when trying to look at the User Interface.
5 = A float value from 0.0 to 1.0 which is the percentage height of the EE2 screen, excluding the bottom User Interface. This has been calculated by me based on 3 different 16:9 screen resolutions, but tested and works fine on different aspect rations as well. The default (0.725) is 72.5%. The full screen resolution height is multiplied by this value.
6,7 = A custom screen resolution width, height used by the Tobii's AddOrUpdateDisplayArea function. The default value "0" uses screen resolution which is automatically detected by the UP1.5 Launcher. It's highly recommended to not change it.
8 = Enable (1) or Disable (0) checking if game is currently in the Menu / Multiplayer Lobby, to prevent simulating key presses until skirmish starts.

Example section "bot1":
1 = A float value which is a "Magic Number" that decides about the scale of the "Size Border" and "Size Extra" listed below. Setting this value to "0" disables the "magic" scaling. The default borders thickness was configured for the 2560x1440 screen resolution. With the higher/lower screen resolutions it could be too little/too much. The formula is as follows: X = ScreenResolutionHeight / MagicBordersScale. BorderSize = BorderSize * X. So, let's assume that the top border width is "25", and an user uses a screen resolution 2560x1440. X = 1440 / 1080. X = 1.333. BorderSize = 25 * 1.333. BorderSize = 33.33. It's recommended to disable this option (setting to "0") if you test your own variations, for only 1 screen resolution.
2 = Sleep time (in miliseconds), after which the camera will start moving, if the gaze point stays in this area for longer than this time. It's helpful to prevent accidental "shakes" which can be more annoying than helpful. It can be configured separately for each direction (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Top-Left corner, Top-Right corner, Bottom-Left corner, Bottom-Right corner). For example,
the Bottom values are higher, so when you move your eyes to the the User Interface area, it won't unintentionally move the camera down.
3 = A float value, which is a thickness (in pixels) of the border of the visible part of the screen. Lower values are closer the borders/corners, higher values might trigger camera scrolling too fast.
4 = A float value, which is an extra space (in pixels) that allows you to continue camera moving when looking beyond the monitor border. Without this option, the camera moving would stop too fast, especially when the "Border Size" value (listed above) was low. Please note that the extra space for the Bottom is 0. It's because increasing this value would trigger camera scrolling if you looked at the game widgets (top part of the mini map, time, calendar).
5, 6 = Position X, Y offset for the area drawing (might be used with different, hardcoded functions in Launcher).
7, 8 = Float (0 - 1.0) which is a percentage multiplier of the calculated UI distances (for the multi screen resolution support). It's used by an advanced calculation forumla in the Launcher.

Example section "topleft":
1 = "Magic Number" (as described above)
2 = Sleep time (as described above)
3, 4 = A thickness (as described above), but for corners it's additionally separated on Width/Height.
5, 6 = An "extra space" (as described above), but for corners it's additionally separated on Width/Height.

Best regards,
Unofficial Patch 1.5 Developer.

22.10.2019 04:00 - Poll Result: Do you like the new "Tundra" climate?

Today (22.10.2019), we are closing the third EE2.eu Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new "Tundra" climate? Details (click)

What is the "Tundra" climate?
Please read a separate blog post, here: Empire Earth II: Tundra - Free DLC.

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new "Tundra" climate?
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like it", "NO, I don't like it", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 19.09.2019, closed on 22.10.2019 ~04:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(108 votes total): YES, I like it (77.78%), NO, I don't like it (4.63%), I don't know (17.59%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our third Community Poll!

11.09.2019 01:30 - Empire Earth II: Tundra - Free DLC.

A new climate - Tundra has been added to Empire Earth II in Unofficial Patch 1.5 (versions 157016-157018, September 2019).


Where to download this Free DLC?
The Tundra climate is available in Unofficial Patch 1.5 (click). You can download it from our website, or update your game by the UP1.5 Launcher (if you have an older version of UP1.5 already installed).

How to use the new climate?
On the game setup screen, click on the "Map" tab, and change the "Climate" to "Tundra (1.5)".

What's new in the Tundra climate?
* New terrain textures, ambient colors and Sun directions.
* New animals - domestic (Rabbits) and predator (Bears).
* New Tundra ambient sounds, including: rain, snow, wind, sea, sea animals, forest, forest animals, etc.
* New forests (using Arctic trees from Loew's Ambient Pack). Currently they are winter-only textures, even during the short Tundra Summer season (it's still better than using old trees from Temperate climate). We're aware of it, and please don't report it as a "bug".
* Nights are not longer too-dark (in all climates). Restored Sun directions from the official version of the game, but kept the 1.5 ambient colors. It makes Nights playable again, with clear vision. Hopefully players won't be afraid to use the "Cycle Time of Day" feature anymore.

Special thanks for cooperative work on the Tundra climate to:
- Dr.MonaLisa (sounds, integration with UP1.5, quality control);
- Loewenherz (textures, ambient colors & many other tweaks);
- Gonzalo (bear and rabbit animals).

Forum discussion link: Click.

Tundra Prievew on YouTube:

03.08.2019 09:00 - Anti-Aliasing in DirectX9 is now available in UP1.5

Minor Update 157014 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 (released on 2nd of August 2019) has a new feature available: "Enable Anti-Aliasing in DirectX 9". For performance reasons, this option is disabled by default. Interested users can open "UP1.5 Settings" in the Launcher, check option: "Enable Anti-Aliasing..." and select the prefered Maximum Multiplier.

History of DirectX9 & Anti-Aliasing:
The official version 1.2 of Empire Earth 2 uses DirectX 8. Unofficial Patch 1.5 uses a special version of crosire's d3d8to9 (converts DX8 API calls to DX9), modified by Dr.MonaLisa for best integration with Empire Earth 2 and additional fixes for our favourite game.
Thanks to elishacloud (the great contributor of d3d8to9, creator of dxwrapper and other projects) - we can now use Anti-Aliasing in Empire Earth II. Elishacloud was so kind to code the whole thing (when I just asked details), so it helped a lot and I could focus on the integration part faster.

What is "Anti-Aliasing"?
Anti-aliasing uses various techniques to get rid of jagged edges on your screen which appear as a result of square pixels forming non-rectangular shapes. A higher numerical multiplier such as "8x" or "16x" produces a more effective anti-aliasing effect while requiring more processing resources.

How to enable the "Anti-Aliasing in DirectX9"?
1. Start UP1.5 Launcher.
2. Click on the "Change UP1.5 Settings" button to open the Configuration Utility.
3. Check option: "Enable Anti-Aliasing in DirectX9" and select the prefered Maximum Multiplier.
4. Click "OK - Save changes" and restart the game.

Does "Anti-Aliasing" affect game performance?
Yes and No. Anti-Aliasing is primarily done by the GPU. It should not take additional CPU time. Empire Earth 2 is a CPU (processor) intensive game and the high single-core usage causes lags and low FPS problem. GPU (graphics card) usually has unused resources during game. Those resources can be used for features like Anti-Aliasing without causing FPS drop. However, the low-end or mobile GPUs might already be running at 100%. In this case enabling the Anti-Aliasing might negatively affect performance. The performance degradation can be fixed by selecting the lower Maximum Multiplier.

What is the "Maximum Multiplier"?
In simple words: it decides how good the Anti-Aliasing effect is. The higher multiplier is set, the best effect we get. Please note, that in UP1.5 Settings it's possible to select the "Maximum Multiplier" up to 16x. It doesn't mean that 16x is actually used. I tested on a laptop with Intel HD 4600, and the maximum used was 8x. Then I tested with RTX 2070 and it also used 8x. So most likely it never uses more than 8x, but I left those options perhaps for the future.
If you feel performance degradation with the high multiplier, you can try setting the "Maximum Multiplier" to 2x. It should already look much better than when it's fully disabled.

SCREENSHOTS   -  Anti-Aliasing Disabled (left) vs Anti-Aliasing Enabled (right):

To best understand how Anti-Aliasing works, please take a look at the screenshots above. When you look at the first one, on the left (Anti-Aliasing disabled), you can see the sharp lines, for example for the City Center, Outpost and other buildings. The second screenshot, on the right (Anti-Aliasing enabled) shows the same buildings, but as you can see graphics quality is undeniably better. When the game is zoomed-out, it's usually hard to notice difference, however in longer playing sessions it's more eye-friendly and everything looks much more natural, just like if you played a modern RTS game.

PrtScn Fix:
Since version 157015 (released on 4th of August 2019) you can find a new option in UP1.5 Settings, next the Anti-Aliasing switch. It's called "PrtScn Fix". For some reasons, when Anti-Aliasing is enabled, Windows often disables the PrtScn key for EE2 (possibly to prevent issues, which actually don't happen on EE2). Since 157015 update, EE2 & EE2: AOS use an additional hotkey for taking screenshots: "Scroll Lock" key. It works the same way as "Prt Scn", however active Anti-Aliasing doesn't block it. Additionally, when "PrtScn Fix" is enabled, the UP1.5 Launcher detects for the "PrtScn" hotkey press, and simulates the "Scroll Lock" key press, so the game takes a screenshot the same way as before.

With Unofficial Patch 1.5 Minor Update 157014 you can use Anti-Aliasing in game.

28.10.2018 08:30 - Unofficial Patch 1.5.7 has been released!

After two years since the last major version update (1.5.6) - the new Unofficial Patch 1.5.7 has been released. Does it mean that during the last two years nothing has been done for EE2? Absolutely not! I (Dr.MonaLisa) have released 34 Minor Updates, sometimes "important", sometimes "optional". Many updates added NEW features to 1.5.6s series. Best example are "Cycle Time of Day", "Automatic Font Size", new campaigns (huge thanks to Loewenherz), bug and glitch fixes, etc. which initially weren't included in the major 1.5.6 version changes log. With time, Minor Update release process was very improved, fast and no-problematic. Players received monthly updates (usually with DirectX 9 support improvements) and Multiplayer users got pleased with Multiplayer Lobby changes. I am fully satisfied by the work done during last 2 years, even if some people complain about the "lack of new units" which have never been priority for me. But let's talk about the newest update!

Unofficial Patch 1.5.7 was initially supposed to be another Minor Update of 1.5.6s series. One day, inspired by player Laetitian request about possibility to host SinglePlayer games on the Multiplayer Lobby - I accidentally found audio volume control variables (responsible for limiting sounds at the camera zoom-out). I have been searching for it since Unofficial Patch 1.3 (back then didn't even know what assembly is). It created a possibility to release a new Camera Fix version with new zoom and angles settings. Camera Fix versions traditionally change in major updates. That's how "the Next Big Thing" came, as always - unexpectedly. Now we will describe initial Unofficial Patch 1.5.7 features, one by one. The full changes list can be read at: https://ee2.eu/patch/#1.5.7.

Camera FIX ver. 5.1: Zoom settings similar to UP1.4/UP1.5.1 (a huge zoom-out, and first-person view on the ground). Camera angles set to make the game look as close the official, vanilla version of EE2 as possible. Fixed the no sounds problem when maximally zoomed-out and it also makes the volume of sound effects (ambient, battles, etc.) more realistic, depending on camera zoom and units distance (even at the standard zoom). Fixes an issue where units heads were not visible in the preview window (under health bar). Increased the maximum zoom-out, added the "plane view" (activated very high).

Middle Mouse Button Actions: UP1.5 Launcher intercepts middle mouse button clicks and converts them to in-game actions. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled by UP1.5 Settings. When it's enabled - the Maximization Helper window displays new Middle Mouse Button Actions switches: "Rotate" - simulates the CTRL key press to rotate buildings. After 0.5 second the action follows mouse cursor to rotate camera in selected direction (simulates CTRL+ARROW keys press). "Move" - scrolls the camera (left, right, top, bottom) instead of rotating. You can manually press and hold the CTRL key to rotate. "Invert" - uses the opposite scrolling directions (feels like scrolling on your smartphone screen). "FSM Hotkey" - simulates the Full Screen Mode CTRL+ALT+H hotkey press (hides User Interface). To execute this hotkey keep the Middle Mouse Button pressed for ~2 seconds and don't move mouse during this time. Additional custom configuration commands (which can be inserted to UnofficialVersionConfig.txt or by UP1.5 Settings) exist: MiddleMouseButtonSleepBeforeCameraRotationMs=500 | Time (in milliseconds) after which camera starts rotating when MMB is pressed. Prevents accidentional camera rotation when rotating buildings by a short click. MiddleMouseButtonRotationCheckIntervalMs=0 | Delay (in milliseconds) after which Launcher checks for another mouse position change. Default 0 is 1 ms. Low value is recommended. MiddleMouseButtonFullScreenModeActivationDelayMs=2000 | Delay (in milliseconds) after which the Full Screen Mode hotkey can be activated. Option "Invert" is activated by default (I like how it is in Anno 2205).

Maximization Problems: Unofficial Patch 1.5.7 added new improvements to fix maximization problems (directly in the game process). In many cases using Maximization Helper Solutions and disabling fullscreen optimizations will no longer be needed.

More AutoSave Settings Frequencies: Up to 6 hours 30 mins (before only 30 mins). Autosaving is now possible every 2 mins 30 secs.

Air Mission waypoints: Increased from 5 to 20 (so you can efficiently plan air routes in CB/RP games).

Scenario Editor Player Colors: Unlocked possibility to use the same color for multiple players.

Multiplayer Lobby for SINGLEPLAYER users: It's now possible to host and start unrated SinglePlayer games (with AI players and 1 human player only) on the Multiplayer Lobby. Those games are not counted (rating, total games played, total game time) to prevent statistics abuses. It helps to stay online, receive private messages from friends and be ready to start a Multiplayer session when more players are online.

Of course there are several small bug fixes, Laucher improvements not mentioned here. Please always check https://ee2.eu/patch/#1.5.7 for full changes list, which includes changes added by UP1.5.7 Minor Updates.

That's all. I hope I didn't disappoint players by "not many" changes this time. For me it always feels more, because I know how much time it costs, and how depressive testing procedure can be. I can tell in secret, that one feature (possibly reducing game mouse lagg) was removed right before release, because didn't pass stability tests. It was painful and will be hard to forget, but let's move on...

BONUS - That's what I get from one Pakistani player, the same day:

03.01.2018 19:00 - "Automatic Font Size" & 4K improvements!

Minor Update 156022 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 (released on 6th of January 2018) has a new BETA feature available: "Automatic Font Size for Screen Resolutions". For stability reasons, this option is disabled by default. Interested users should open "UP1.5 Settings" in the Launcher and check option: "Enable Automatic Font Size...".

What exactly "Automatic Font Size for Screen Resolutions" is?
The official version 1.2 of Empire Earth 2 supports only six 4:3 screen resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1600x1200. With Unofficial Patch 1.5 you can use all possible screen resolutions (including 4K) and you can even generate Custom Screen Resolutions by the Launcher. It gives an underestimated playing experience comparing to the official version. Unfortunately, using new screen resolutions caused font size problems. On 4K displays all text in game was way too small. With new, smaller resolutions sometimes font size was too big. That's why now, after almost 4 years since Unofficial Patch 1.5 release - I designed special algorithms which generate font sizes suitable to the currently used screen resolution. It wasn't an easy task. This feature had to be integrated with the Launcher, allow compatibility between Multiplayer users. I spent hours testing different screen resolutions (on a Virtual Machine, I don't have a 4K display), limiting maximum font sizes, fixing crashes, etc. But finally, there it is!

Better 4K, FullHD and other widescreen resolutions support:
4K resolutions are finally playable. The "Automatic Font Size" takes care of displaying text with much bigger font than before. Of course all fonts have been set to keep the original scale, so the visual experience is just awesome! Nothing explains better than pictures, so compare yourself!

BEFORE - screen resolution 3840x2160 with DISABLED "Automatic Font Size":

AFTER - screen resolution 3840x2160 with ENABLED "Automatic Font Size":

Additional information about the "Automatic Font Size" option:
* This is a BETA feature which might crash on your system / selected screen resolution. If this happens, please disable this option and report the problem on the Support Chat in the Launcher.
* After you enable "Automatic Font Size" - the first game launch might take a very long time (depending on your CPU speed, new fonts are being generated). Please be patient and do not kill the game process.
* This option doesn't cause performance loss. Game lags are not related to this feature. For help, click here

With Unofficial Patch 1.5 Minor Update 156022 you can enable a new option that makes font sizes in game look good for every possible screen resolution. It's noticable especially on 4K screen resolutions.

18.10.2017 22:15 - Poll Result: Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?

Today (18.10.2017), we are closing the second EE2.eu Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?

What is the Dark Launcher Theme?
The UP1.5 Launcher (and newer), released on 12.09.2017 supports a new option "Dark Launcher Theme". This option was good enough to be enabled by default after the update. Users are still able to return to the old, light style by unchecking option: "Enable Dark Launcher theme" in UP1.5 Settings. Background colors, fonts, buttons, effects, everything have been improved in the most of the Launcher windows (excluding CD-KEY changer which is rarely used). You can view the screenshots below to see it.

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?.
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like it", "NO, I don't like it", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 12.09.2017, closed on 18.10.2017 ~22:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(284 votes total): YES, I like it (91.55%), NO, I don't like it (4.23%), I don't know (4.23%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our second Community Poll! The result of this poll is important to know if the community likes the new theme and if this option should still be enabled by default in further versions of Unofficial Patch 1.5.

Dark Launcher Theme screenshots:

04.06.2017 17:00 - Community Poll Result: Do you like when Minor Updates are released every month?

I'm happy to announce that today, the first EE2.eu Community Poll has been closed with the positive result.

What are Community Polls?
The UP1.5 Launcher (and newer), released on 05.05.2017 has integrated support for polls in the "news" area. Only users who installed Minor Update 156009+ are able to see the poll question. The users are able to cancel and change their vote for 24 hours and are also able to hide the poll result.

Community Poll: Do you like when Minor Updates are released every month?
"Do you prefer regular updates (every month), or bigger updates with more changes, but longer waiting time (6-12 months)? Please consider selecting a serious vote, because it might decide about the further UP1.5 development".
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like them", "NO, I don't like them", "I don't know". The poll has been closed on 04.06.2017 ~17:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(205 votes total): YES, I like them (79.02%), NO, I don't like them (7.8%), I don't know (13.17%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Community Poll. It confirmed that most of players like monthly updates, and those who complain about them should accept the majority's choice.
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