22.10.2019 04:00 - Poll Result: Do you like the new "Tundra" climate?

Today (22.10.2019), we are closing the third EE2.eu Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new "Tundra" climate? Details (click)

What is the "Tundra" climate?
Please read a separate blog post, here: Empire Earth II: Tundra - Free DLC.

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new "Tundra" climate?
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like it", "NO, I don't like it", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 19.09.2019, closed on 22.10.2019 ~04:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(108 votes total): YES, I like it (77.78%), NO, I don't like it (4.63%), I don't know (17.59%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our third Community Poll!
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