11.09.2019 01:30 - Empire Earth II: Tundra - Free DLC.

A new climate - Tundra has been added to Empire Earth II in Unofficial Patch 1.5 (versions 157016-157018, September 2019).


Where to download this Free DLC?
The Tundra climate is available in Unofficial Patch 1.5 (click). You can download it from our website, or update your game by the UP1.5 Launcher (if you have an older version of UP1.5 already installed).

How to use the new climate?
On the game setup screen, click on the "Map" tab, and change the "Climate" to "Tundra (1.5)".

What's new in the Tundra climate?
* New terrain textures, ambient colors and Sun directions.
* New animals - domestic (Rabbits) and predator (Bears).
* New Tundra ambient sounds, including: rain, snow, wind, sea, sea animals, forest, forest animals, etc.
* New forests (using Arctic trees from Loew's Ambient Pack). Currently they are winter-only textures, even during the short Tundra Summer season (it's still better than using old trees from Temperate climate). We're aware of it, and please don't report it as a "bug".
* Nights are not longer too-dark (in all climates). Restored Sun directions from the official version of the game, but kept the 1.5 ambient colors. It makes Nights playable again, with clear vision. Hopefully players won't be afraid to use the "Cycle Time of Day" feature anymore.

Special thanks for cooperative work on the Tundra climate to:
- Dr.MonaLisa (sounds, integration with UP1.5, quality control);
- Loewenherz (textures, ambient colors & many other tweaks);
- Gonzalo (bear and rabbit animals).

Forum discussion link: Click.

Tundra Prievew on YouTube:
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