28.09.2021 09:00 - Poll Results: Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5?

Today (29.09.2021), we are closing the fourth Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5? Details (click)

What are the new ambient sounds?
The new ambient sounds were added to Unofficial Patch 1.5 in update 158015 (click to learn more).

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new ambient sounds in UP1.5?
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "Yes", "They're too loud", "They're too silent", "No", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 04.08.2021, closed on 28.09.2021 ~08:30 CET, and exited with the following result:
(69 votes total): Yes (71.01%), They're too loud (14.49%), They're too silent (2.9%), No (4.35%), I don't know (7.25%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our fourth Community Poll!

Are the new ambient sounds too loud?
Due to a relatively high percentage of "They're too loud (14.49%)" votes, I would like to remind that the original EE2 ambient sounds (before UP1.5) were up to 70% louder than the current new ones. With some UP1.5 update in the past, the original ambient sounds volume has been drastically reduced in order to hide their bad quality. Now, when the new high quality audio was purchased, the volume is a little bit higher than in the previous versions of Unofficial Patch 1.5, but still lower than it was in EE2 originally. Reducing the volume even more would make the new sounds unhearable. It's already impossible to hear the ambient sounds in late-game (during battles, explosions). I believe that the current volume settings is fine.
It's worth to mention that the ambient sounds can be disabled in the game, by: Settings -> Audio -> Ambient On.

Can I restore the old ambient sounds?
Yes. You can try one of the two following methods:
1. Click to read: How to disable the additional content (units, buildings, models, sounds and camera settings)?
2. Create an empty file named "" in the "zips" folder in your game installation directory. This will inform UP15_GameHelper.dll to use the old ambient sounds.
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