Jul 25 2022 - 02:07:55

[1/9] Regarding UP1.5 updates, I was recently trying many things, but most of them failed stability tests. TBMs missiles were supposed to cost resources, but it can't be done due to a bug which was fixed in: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157034 but can only be applied to buildings.

Jul 25 2022 - 01:07:23

IPv6 is currently not working on our main server, because provider has changed something and it doesn't work even when I correctly configured it. IPv6 is used for some internal connections (lobby auto-translator, etc.) All things fallbacked correctly to IPv4 so it's all good.

Jun 23 2022 - 22:06:31

Bombarding of COLM - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VknFopjsygs

Jun 05 2022 - 23:06:41

Good evening everyone. Please do not worry about the lack of updates from me. The activity is going to be back to normal after the Summer. I'm currently in the mode of "tracking" issues and analyzing crash reports. I also do a lot of undocumented improvements with the server, etc

Apr 17 2022 - 00:04:44

Happy Easter 2022!

Apr 15 2022 - 13:04:19

Dresden 1945 - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay: https://youtu.be/N4wRa9BvKlM

Apr 10 2022 - 01:04:56

Minor Update 158023 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! This update has a new feature available: "Advanced Cache Preloading". It also fixes compatibility with the newest Gog files update. Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158023

Apr 09 2022 - 17:04:52

UP1.5 Advanced Cache Preloading feature is ready. I'm now considering if it should be enabled by default for people with >= 8GB RAM, or disabled by default for all users. After all, like all new features, this one might also bring some problems that I wasn't able to detect :(

Apr 05 2022 - 18:04:06

WARNING: Players who installed Empire Earth 2 using GOG GALAXY might lose Unofficial Patch 1.5 executables after the newest update from Gog. It will also result in screen res problems and crash on skirmish start. To fix it, please install UP1.5 again from: https://ee2.eu/patch

Apr 03 2022 - 05:04:50

Short update on the current UP1.5 work: I want to reduce the "mini freezes" (caused by the new audio being played for the first time) by using some advanced pre-loading functions in UP1.5_GameHelper.dll to load them to cache on game start. It requires some "thinking", and tests.

Apr 02 2022 - 04:04:07

The last tweet about the UP1.5 and EE2.eu servers being discontinued was a 1st April joke. It was still nice to read messages from shocked players. I didn't know it matters so much for certain users :)

Apr 01 2022 - 14:04:45

Unofficial Patch 1.5 and all EE2.eu services (including Multiplayer) have been discontinued. It was a hard decision to make, but it's for the greater good. The patch will be automatically uninstalled on the first game launch after 14th of April 2022. Sorry :/

Feb 28 2022 - 00:02:38

Today is the 10th birthday of EE2News Twitter account :)

Feb 27 2022 - 04:02:20

As I promised, the Russian and Belarusian players who don't support their country's regime can now remove the sanctions by filing a declaration on: https://ee2.eu/sanctions
More details: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?p=27128#p27128

Feb 26 2022 - 19:02:36

EE2.eu declares war to Russian propaganda. Players who write anti-Ukrainian messages on our chats (forums, Discord, Multiplayer) will be awarded with bans. Please take this warning seriously. Example of Russian propaganda content: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?p=27137#p27137

Feb 24 2022 - 09:02:22

The sanctions on Russian Federation have been resumed and now also include Belarus. I guess it doesn't need any further explanation.

Feb 23 2022 - 19:02:49

The sanctions on Russia have been removed for now. It's because my mom was not happy when I told her about it. The full statement can be read at: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?p=27128#p27128
If the conflict escalates, it's still possible that the sanctions will be activated again, forever.

Feb 22 2022 - 19:02:02

EE2.eu has issued sanctions on Russian Federation due to attack on Ukraine in February 2022. More details: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=5571

Feb 19 2022 - 15:02:46

If Russian Federation attacks Ukraine (under any pretext), EE2.eu will join the sanctions issued by other countries, and our services will be unavailable in Russia (and possibly Belarus who supports these actions). There is no acceptation for military terrorism.

Feb 12 2022 - 07:02:47

Minor Update 158022 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158022

Feb 10 2022 - 07:02:58

The work on UP1.5 is not done. There will be a new update in February which is partially ready. Unfortunately either Covid (or the vaccine while I was already infected) has attacked my neurology system, so I was sleeping for a few weeks, almost not staying awake.

Dec 31 2021 - 03:12:20

Happy New Year 2022!
The New Year's Eve audio theme has been enabled for Unofficial Patch 1.5 users.

Dec 24 2021 - 04:12:06

Merry Christmas!

Dec 17 2021 - 02:12:52

This year, Empire Earth II with Unofficial Patch 1.5 ( will give you the best Christmas atmosphere. An updated Christmas Expansion will be activated on 19th of December, 15:00 CET.

Dec 15 2021 - 16:12:30

Minor Update 158021 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158021

Dec 10 2021 - 15:12:50

Multiplayer Fair/Random Teams Generator has been updated! Read more: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?p=26983#p26983

Dec 06 2021 - 20:12:45

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Nov 07 2021 - 05:11:25

GLOBAL WARNING: Game Freezes after ALT+TAB. The problem has been investigated. The fix is already available in UP1.5, but needs to be manually enabled. Please read: https://forum.ee2.eu/viewtopic.php?p=26885#p26885

Nov 06 2021 - 00:11:15

Minor Update 158019 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158019

Oct 31 2021 - 16:10:17

Happy Halloween 2021!

Oct 23 2021 - 16:10:27

I created a new charity software for people with disabilities: "Mouse ClickLock For Games". It's available on GitHub: https://github.com/HerMajestyDrMona/MouseClickLockForGames
It works in a similar way as ClickLock on Windows, but also supports old games where the normal ClickLock fails to work.

Oct 15 2021 - 16:10:40

Check out Dr.MonaLisa's new program: "Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar (Partial Fix)" on GitHub: https://github.com/HerMajestyDrMona/Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarPartialFix

Oct 04 2021 - 22:10:18

[2/2] The positive side of this change is that future minor updates will be installing much faster than used to, because it won't check all updated files since ver. 1.5.4 (including over 1000 updated models / textures during all these years). I believe it's for the greater good.

Oct 04 2021 - 22:10:13

[1/2] Due to the recent problems with texture files getting blocked by Windows Defender in the Minor Update installer - I have decided to make a "fresh start". It means that until ver. 158018 the full UP1.5 installer will be downloaded by the Minor Updater.

Oct 04 2021 - 11:10:16

The stupid Windows Defender is now detecting some of the updated winter textures as a Trojan in the Minor Updater... I'm fixing it by re-saving texture files and re-releasing minor update files. It's time consuming, but whatever...

Oct 03 2021 - 17:10:28

Minor Update 158018 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158018

Sep 25 2021 - 18:09:38

Unofficial Patch 1.5 development was not paused. Loew is working on Winter textures for UP1.5 buildings, and I'm being annoying requesting edits in them. There will be a lot of files to update. Besides that I have some Launcher / GameHelper fixes ready. So let's be patient :)

Sep 10 2021 - 17:09:15

A Nice Continents Game - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay: https://youtu.be/OBxgazjTRNs

Aug 22 2021 - 18:08:21

How sad. Some ignorant called "QWEEDDYZ" just wrote that Unofficial Patch 1.5 " is adware", "malicious" and other negative things. You can read the discussion here: https://www.gog.com/forum/empire_earth_series/empire_earth_2_windows_881_fix_and_empire_earth_ii_unofficial_patch_14/post48 And what is your opinion about it? A feedback would be very appreciated in that Gog topic.

Aug 14 2021 - 22:08:50

DirectX 9 redist are installing with every update of UP1.5, because I'm following the official docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/dxtecharts/directx-setup-for-game-developers#installation-of-directx-by-the-games-installer "installation process should install the DirectX redistributable components during every single installation without allowing users to opt-out of it..."

Aug 09 2021 - 15:08:45

A Hotfix Minor Update 158017 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#158017

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