Jun 18 2024 - 15:06:39

Windows Defender is dumb. It seemed to detect "Trojan:Script/Sabsik.FLA!ml" in EE2X.exe.safe155 archive (from Minor Update 160013). I added an empty "test.txt" file to that archive, and magically it's no longer detected. This AV makes no sense. It probably detects by file size...

Jun 18 2024 - 13:06:27

Optional Minor Update 160013 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Hotfix Update. Changes:

Jun 16 2024 - 18:06:44

Minor Update 160012 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly Update. Changes:

Jun 03 2024 - 05:06:44

Good news for players using Mac OS with M1/M2 ARM processors ("Parallels Desktop" or "Porting Kit"); Linux with "Wine" or Windows with ARM processor. It's now possible to ignore the OOS (Out of Sync) errors in your Multiplayer games, following the guide:

May 30 2024 - 04:05:14

The newest Unofficial Patch 1.6 version ( seems to crash on Steam Deck for some users. We detected what causes the issue (boost interprocess mutex in a pointer, for optimization), and prepared a fix for it. If you need the fix, please send message on the Support Chat.

May 28 2024 - 23:05:28

Minor Update 160011 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly Update. Changes:
Major Change: Fixed the "Spy Glitch" in Multiplayer. Please read the changelog for details.

May 22 2024 - 04:05:18

It is now possible to activate the free UP1.6 Enhanced Features trial using the popup website that opens with the Launcher. This allows players to test how it works on their computer and see any changes in the game on their monitor.

May 18 2024 - 18:05:01

Minor Update 160010 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly Update. Changes:
IMPORTANT: The Multiplayer Direct Connection port changed from "26000" to "16060".

May 11 2024 - 14:05:10

At some point, the Enhanced version of UP1.6 will include the AI-Enhanced units & buildings textures. However, at the current stage and AI-models development speed, it's better to wait a few months / years to get the best possible results. It's not like I forgot about it.

May 07 2024 - 01:05:17

Please do not use "Low" graphics settings in EE2. Differences between "High" and "Low" are minimal, often 0 FPS. Please use everything on "High", except "Shadow Details" - "Medium", and "Lighting Details" - "Low" (in EE2: AOS). It's not the GPU that limits the FPS, but the CPU.

Apr 16 2024 - 03:04:37

This is exactly how anti-missiles work in EE2. All ICBMs in EE2 are flying in the atmosphere. This is why after interception there's no radiation risk. EE2's anti-missiles added in Unofficial Patch are long range, expensive interception technology, not the short range ones.

Mar 31 2024 - 04:03:13

Happy Easter! The Enhanced Features have been enabled for all UP1.6 users since 31.03.2024 04:00 CET to 01.04.2024 04:00 CET. Please test how you like them and decide if you want to unlock them permanently.

Mar 30 2024 - 14:03:33

Happy Easter 2024!
The UP1.6 users that donated can now enjoy the Enhanced Seasonal Lobby Textures for Easter. More details:

Mar 24 2024 - 15:03:39

Minor Update 160009 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly Update. Changes:
Major feature: Unofficial Patch IES System:

Mar 23 2024 - 13:03:08

Today, the minimum donation amount that unlocks the Enhanced Features has been implemented.
Donations made before 1st of December 2023 are respected without the minimal value.
The information about the minimum value was visible in advance at:

Mar 19 2024 - 13:03:16

It's now possible to request the Multiplayer Lobby restart, using our Status website:

Thanks to that, in case of Dr.MonaLisa's inactivity, players who logged-in to the MP lobby within the last 7 days can vote to restart it.

Feb 18 2024 - 14:02:23

Due to recently detected downtime issues with our server, the provider has offered a migration to another one. This might result in another short downtime today (18.02.2024). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jan 28 2024 - 20:01:38

Please do not send to me more videos of protesters throwing a soup in Mona Lisa painting at Louvre. The entire EE2 community is already spamming these links all day long.

Jan 21 2024 - 20:01:35

Minor Update 160008 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Hotfix Update. Changes:

Jan 01 2024 - 00:01:09

Happy New Year 2024!
The Seasonal Enhanced Features improve the Multiplayer Lobby theme for special occasions:

Dec 24 2023 - 03:12:00

Merry Christmas! 🎄
Every player who logs-in to the Multiplayer Lobby on 24 and 25 December 2023 can enjoy the Enhanced Features during this time. It included new Lobby textures, terrain textures (700+), UI textures (2300+) and custom mouse cursor scale!

Dec 22 2023 - 16:12:45

Seasonal Enhanced Features in Unofficial Patch 1.6 give you a better Christmas atmosphere in the Multiplayer Lobby! Get yourself a Christmas gift and unlock them!

Dec 06 2023 - 10:12:07

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Dec 03 2023 - 18:12:05

Minor Update 160006 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Hotfix Update. Changes:

Dec 01 2023 - 13:12:34

We added the Cryptocurrency donation option: on request of some players who claim to be unable to use PayPal in their countries. It's surprising that nobody reported this issue for the past 10 years, just now when there are special features to unlock...

Dec 01 2023 - 12:12:29

Minor Update 160005 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly, Feature Update. Changes:

Nov 30 2023 - 09:11:24

IMPORTANT: Since 1st Dec 2023, the minimum donation amount that unlocks Enhanced Features is the value of $5 USD, and since 1st Jan 2024 - $10 USD. Smaller donations will only unlock e.g. info about BETA updates & color on the chat. Donations made before are respected normally.

Nov 24 2023 - 08:11:50

In the next version of Unofficial Patch 1.6 (160005), it will be possible to set more rotation angles for buildings and to remember the angle for the next building.

Nov 21 2023 - 16:11:13

Screenshots of the Enhanced Terrain textures in Unofficial Patch 1.6:

Nov 19 2023 - 02:11:40

Minor Update 160004 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Optional Hotfix Update. Changes:

Nov 17 2023 - 02:11:29

There are issues in EE2: AOS in ver. 160002.
1. The Tundra climate crashes the game on start.
2. The Temperate climate causes a huge performance degradation on the Enhanced Version.
The small size hotfix update will be released ASAP but I'm still trying to fix issue no. 2.

Nov 16 2023 - 17:11:47

Minor Update 160002 for Unofficial Patch 1.6 has been released! Update Type: Monthly Update. Changes:

Nov 14 2023 - 23:11:05

Can Enhanced Features get any better?
Yes, the upcoming Minor Update will include over 300 enhanced terrain textures!

Nov 06 2023 - 15:11:58

We have received a report from player "mohamed", that producing "Dronecopter" in epoch 13 crashes the game. The issue with the incorrect texture size has been detected and a fix was released using the UP1.6 Live Update system. To apply the fix, please simply restart your game.

Oct 31 2023 - 16:10:42

The main server has been migrated to a new one, located in Germany!
It now has 8 CPU cores, 24GB of RAM and 390GB SSD:
If you have issues connecting to please clear your DNS cache.

Oct 30 2023 - 17:10:40

Halloween Surprise!🎃Due to Halloween and All Saints' Day, the UP1.6 Enhanced Features were unlocked for all players, starting on 30.10.2023 17:00 CET to 02.11.2023 00:00 CET. If you enjoy them, please consider donating to permanently unlock them. Details:

Oct 30 2023 - 04:10:57

Time to start the HALLOWEEN SEASON! 🎃
Introducing Unofficial Patch 1.6 Seasonal Enhanced Features! Learn more at:

Oct 29 2023 - 00:10:27

Thanks to player Coo1 we have detected a bug on the Enhanced version, where units that are hurt (below 66% health) can not be selected/deselected by clicking on a red triangle in the corner of their icon. The fix has been prepared and will be released in a Hotfix Update tomorrow.

Oct 27 2023 - 15:10:12

Enhanced Features:

Oct 25 2023 - 02:10:33

Revealing Unofficial Patch 1.6 logo:

Oct 22 2023 - 21:10:07

Upcoming UNOFFICIAL PATCH 1.6 Enhanced Features for players who support the project:

Oct 21 2023 - 05:10:25

Unofficial Patch was the last UP1.5 release. All good things must come to an end. The Multiplayer services will be active for UP1.5 users until mid-November. Unfortunately, this decision won't be changed. Please download UP1.5 installer before it's removed from website.

Oct 18 2023 - 03:10:44

Dr.MonaLisa has fixed an issue, where the list of game saves, scenarios, favorite settings and maps was often not loading when Advanced Cache Preloading was enabled. The fix has been released to all users thanks to the KeepAlive Live-Update. Read more:

Oct 12 2023 - 13:10:42

Dr.MonaLisa considers Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and is fully supporting Israel in clearing all Islamic extremists. Enough is enough.

Sep 30 2023 - 09:09:38

We are aware of the issue where some texts in game (e.g. campaign descriptions, load map menu) are harder to read after update (enhanced textures update). We are already testing new solutions, and the next update will include new textures for certain backgrounds.

Sep 26 2023 - 08:09:23

Minor Update 159013 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Update Type: Multiplayer Features Update. Changes:

Sep 25 2023 - 20:09:03

From an ugly to a beautiful expand / collapse chat buttons:

Sep 25 2023 - 06:09:40

Dr.MonaLisa has fixed a Multiplayer issue, where the Host player was not getting red messages, when the game settings changed, or when node players changed their civilization, player type, etc. The fix has been already released to all users thanks to the KeepAlive Live-Update.

Sep 17 2023 - 18:09:03

Minor Update 159012 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes:

Aug 29 2023 - 02:08:36

We detected that after update 159009 (June 2023), the game crashes with Unhanded Exception in Korean / Chinese America (1.5) campaigns. To fix it, please switch option "Unlock UP1.5 units..." to "Yes" in UP1.5 Settings. This issue will be fixed in the next monthly update.

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