01.02.2017 15:00 - is now hosted on a new server!

In the past few days the old Server (placed in France) was experiencing unexpected high load, which was not caused by but provider problems. Unfortunately, the provider did not help to resolve the issue, instead recommended to check the "security of the server". After verification I knew exactly that the problem is not on our side. The Server load was jumping up to 36.0. It means that everything ( website, Multiplayer Lobby, Launcher Scripts) worked 36 times slower or didn't work at all. Connections to the database were timing-out, so it was often impossible to log-in to the Multiplayer Lobby. Basically, I was very angry and decided to change the Server.
On 31.01.2017 I decided to order a Server at the same provider, but at the different location (Germany). It took a few hours to import and set-up everything. At 21:00 CET the domains changed the address to redirect to a new Server. Unfortunately, the problems began even more serious. For some reasons most of players could not connect to the website or enter the Multiplayer Lobby. After a verification, I detected that the IP address we received for the server was... already in use by a different one. It caused a conflict where 30% of time the traffic was redirected to our new Server, and the rest of time - to an unknown for me Server.
Before 22:00 CET I decided to switch back to the old, problematic Server, and the domain was again redirecting to the old address (France). Unfortunately, the Multiplayer Lobby was constantly crashing for unknown for me reasons. I can only assume that after my reports the provider somehow limted software which can be launched on the Server. I literally didn't modify anything, so crashes could not be caused by my changes. It was too much for me, so we started searching for a new Server, from a totally different provider.
At ~1:00 to 2:00 we bought a new hosting placed in the UK, and at ~4:00 to 5:00 I imported and set-up everything, so the new Server has all files, programs and the database. The domain now redirects to this Server, and everything works fine. The Multiplayer Lobby should not crash anymore, and website / launcher scripts should load instantly.
The new Server has 6GB of RAM and 2 cores Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 v4 @ 2.40GHz. For comparing, the old Server had only 1GB of RAM and 1 core 1.6Ghz CPU.
We were able to change the Server thanks to the few donations we received in January. It was very helpful and the community very appreciates it. However, to keep the good server (or more like: to not make me pay for everything alone) we need more donations, so if you like the and/or Unoffficial Patch 1.5 - please consider making a donation. For information how to donate, please visit: this site (click).

Also, for those who didn't notice it - In January I have released a minor update for UP1.5 which has a new feature: Cycle Time of Day. You can select it in the game set-up screen under the "Environment" tab -> "Time of day". The presentation video is here:
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