18.10.2017 22:15 - Poll Result: Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?

Today (18.10.2017), we are closing the second EE2.eu Community Poll! The question in the Poll was: Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?

What is the Dark Launcher Theme?
The UP1.5 Launcher (and newer), released on 12.09.2017 supports a new option "Dark Launcher Theme". This option was good enough to be enabled by default after the update. Users are still able to return to the old, light style by unchecking option: "Enable Dark Launcher theme" in UP1.5 Settings. Background colors, fonts, buttons, effects, everything have been improved in the most of the Launcher windows (excluding CD-KEY changer which is rarely used). You can view the screenshots below to see it.

Poll Result: Positive
Do you like the new "Dark Launcher Theme"?.
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like it", "NO, I don't like it", "I don't know". The poll has been open on 12.09.2017, closed on 18.10.2017 ~22:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(284 votes total): YES, I like it (91.55%), NO, I don't like it (4.23%), I don't know (4.23%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our second Community Poll! The result of this poll is important to know if the community likes the new theme and if this option should still be enabled by default in further versions of Unofficial Patch 1.5.

Dark Launcher Theme screenshots:

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