04.06.2017 17:00 - Community Poll Result: Do you like when Minor Updates are released every month?

I'm happy to announce that today, the first Community Poll has been closed with the positive result.

What are Community Polls?
The UP1.5 Launcher (and newer), released on 05.05.2017 has integrated support for polls in the "news" area. Only users who installed Minor Update 156009+ are able to see the poll question. The users are able to cancel and change their vote for 24 hours and are also able to hide the poll result.

Community Poll: Do you like when Minor Updates are released every month?
"Do you prefer regular updates (every month), or bigger updates with more changes, but longer waiting time (6-12 months)? Please consider selecting a serious vote, because it might decide about the further UP1.5 development".
The users were able to select one of the following answers: "YES, I like them", "NO, I don't like them", "I don't know". The poll has been closed on 04.06.2017 ~17:00 CET, and exited with the following result:
(205 votes total): YES, I like them (79.02%), NO, I don't like them (7.8%), I don't know (13.17%).

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Community Poll. It confirmed that most of players like monthly updates, and those who complain about them should accept the majority's choice.
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