26.04.2017 11:00 - How to enable Windows 10 Game Mode in Empire Earth II?

On 11th of April 2017 - Microsoft released a new big update for Windows 10 called: "Creators Update". It's identified as build: 15063. The update rolls out slowly, so not all users already received it by Windows Update, however, if you're lucky and the Creators Update was already installed - you can enable the new "Game Mode" in Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy.
To learn more what the Game Mode actually does, please read: windowscentral.com/windows-10-game-mode

In some games (including Empire Earth II), the Game Mode state for the game can only be changed when the game is running in the Windowed Mode. Thanks to Unofficial Patch 1.5 you can eaisly set EE2 to run in the Windowed Mode to enable this function.

I've recorded a Youtube Tutorial which explains step-by-step how to enable Game Mode on Empire Earth 2:

1. Download and Install Unofficial Patch 1.5 from: https://ee2.eu/patch
2. Make sure that Windows 10 Creators Update is already installed on your PC.
3. In the UP1.5 Launcher click on the "Change UP1.5 Settings" button, and enable Windowed Mode, then save changes.
4. Start EE2 or EE2: AOS, click LogoWin + G using your keyboard, click on the settings icon and check "Use Game Mode for this game".
5. Quit the game, go to "UP1.5 Settings" again, and uncheck "Windowed Mode" checkbox. Save changes.
6. Play the game.
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