27.11.2016 21:00 - Unofficial Patch 1.5.6 (2017) has been released!

Around two weeks ago I announced that no new "big" update of UP1.5 will be released in 2017... I was wrong, I changed my minds and prepared a new BIG update, before the new year! The version is identified as "2017", because all minor updates for 1.5.6 will be released in 2017. That's why version identification couldn't be "2016". The full changes list is available at: The changes list isn't super long nor contains noticable changes during game - however the stability improvement is great. For newbies we have the new "Initial Cease Fire" options: "20 Minutes", "30 Minutes", "45 Minutes", "60 Minutes", "2 Hours", "24 Hours" and: the new "City Population" options: 70, 80, 90, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000. The update was mostly focused on the Multiplayer balancing, that's why I added a new option which allows you to disable the crowns system before game start. I have also fixed the "range glitch" which made units (usually heavy artillery) attacking from an unexpectedly long range: Thanks to Jodocus from the neoEE patch we assembled an option which makes game icon flashing on the taskbar when the game process is minimized, you're on the Multiplayer Lobby and you receive a notification.
I hope you will like the new update. Please don't forget to check the full changes list at
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