12.10.2016 10:30 - Trainers and Cheats on Empire Earth 2 UP1.5

Game trainers are programs made to modify behaviour of a computer game, usually using addresses and values, in order to allow cheating.

All trainers made for EE2 in ver 1.2 and AOS in ver 1.0 should work fine with Unofficial Patch 1.5, however, you need to kill the Launcher process which works in the background in order to use them. Using trainers in Multiplayer games will result in Out of Sync error. If somebody abuses OOS, the Ministry of Game Affairs might ban the player by the unique ID from the Multiplayer services.

Using trainers, even in Single Player games is DANGEROUS and NOT RECOMMENDED! Those programs are usually virused! Please use the built-in game cheats instead (press the ENTER key to show the chat window):

icheat - Enable Cheats
idontcheat - Disables all Cheat Codes
loot - Add 10,000 of each resource
give tech - Add 50 technology points
epoch up - Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements
convert - Convert selected unit
play god - God Mode on\off (Your Units and Building should take no damage)
punish - Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit
recharge me - Instant recharge power for selected unit
taxes - Subtract 100 of each resource
sea monkeys - Toggle instant build on\off
toggle fog - Toggle the fog of war on\off
win - Win current scenario (this cheat probably doesn't work)

To use cheats in Multiplayer games, the option "Enable Cheats" must be checked before game start. This option is available on the set-up screen under "Advanced" tab. Unfortunately and fortunately only two cheats work in Multiplayer games: toggle fog and play god.

With Unofficial Patch 1.5 you can use the built-in unlimited population hack called "the Tree of Death". To build the tree, produce the "Gardener" in the "City Center", then select the Gardener and under "UP1.5 Constructions" button select and place the "Tree of Death". To prevent abuses in Multiplayer games - this tree costs a lot of resources and technology points. To get enough resources and technology points simply spam "loot" and "give tech" cheats. Cheats and the Tree of Death is everything you need. Trainers with additional features don't exist, so it's simply pointless and dangerous to search for them.

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