25.09.2016 02:30 - A Week With EE2 on YouTube!

Starting on 25.09.2016, everyday at 18:00 CET a new YouTube video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/LeaderEE2

The even is called "A week with EE2". I decided to create it, to keep the YouTube channel in a good shape, and to make players more interested in Empire Earth II.
Unfortunately, the new videos are not going to be gameplays of the "best games". Some of the videos will be very short, some of them very long, but I hope that it will still be enjoyable to watch!

Since I'm already writing about my YouTube channel, I'll use the opportunity to answer some of frequently asked questions about the channel.

1. Will you ever record Gameplays vs hardest AIs (computer players)?
Yes, maybe in the future, but I don't really enjoy playing against computer players, I prefer Multiplayer, so I'm not going to record it very soon. However, since many people ask for it, I'll try to do it.

2. Why there is no voice commentary in your videos?
A voice commentary is pretty useless in Gameplay videos. Talking while playing would not improve quality of the gameplay. When you're watching a video without the commentary, you can hear the game ambient sounds and you can feel the EE2 climate. It's better to focus on game than talking. Also, if I said something stupid, I would need to cut it in some video editing program. It would negatively affect the quality of uploaded videos. At the moment I upload videos recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay, in the unchanged quality that's why they look so good on YouTube!

3. What about a webcam?
I indeed have a good quality webcam, built-in my laptop. This webcam won't be used when I'm playing games... I'm an ordinary person who improves EE2, not a Youtuber! Some people don't even know if I'm really a woman or a guy.

4. Why this channel has so few subscriptions?
It's because I don't care about subscriptions, and I never ask people to subscribe. The channel is followed only by people who like the current videos and wait for more.

5. How much do you earn from ads on YouTube?
For ~6000-7000 views per month I get around 3-4$ (USD). Now you can count how much YouTubers with millions of views under every video earn.

Have fun, people! If I can recommend something - watch EE2 videos before you fall asleep, on your smartphone! I usually do this!

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