19.09.2016 03:15 - EE2 has a very lazy community

It's sad that I have to post it, but there is some serious problem with our community. Over 2 weeks ago I released a minor update 155012 with the new UP1.5 installers. Obiviously no code is "perfect", so I asked players to report any problem with the installer to me. Over 2 weeks of silence, and finally one of the active Multiplayer members reported a serious issue which disallowed (from my calculations) over 200 players to install UP1.5 or a Minor Update! The bug was very easy to fix, in the installer code I accidentally added a string length checking of a wrong string... It was my fault that I didn't test new installers long enough, but I'm asking where is the community? Why nobody reported it to me earlier? Problems are not being fixed automatically. Without reports I don't even know that bugs exist.

The similar story is with the project I'm working on for already 4 years: Empire Earth 2 Language Changer (click). There are still 5 languages missing, so I can't release it. Only 2 players sent me required language files (for German and for Czech version). Spanish and French I found myself by a long google research with translations... Unofficial Patch 1.5 was installed over 68300 times, and I spammed a lot that we need those language files... But of course, nobody is even interested to help with that.

So please, if you guys really are EE2 fans - stop being passive, and help me to improve stuff. I can't do everything alone. Please don't feel affraid to contact me by or the Chat in UP1.5 Launcher, whenever you detect any problem. Thank you for reading this.

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