14.09.2016 14:00 - EE2.eu Blog Started!

Dear Empire Earth II players! There was a missing place at EE2.eu where I could post longer messages. We always had a "News" section, but those news are integrated with EE2News Twitter (which is also integrated in UP1.5 Launcher), so it would be much harder for me to write long messages. I used to post all important information at forum.ee2.eu, but it wasn't comfortable for me and for the followers. So from now on, we are starting EE2.eu Blog!

Something about me: I'm Dr.MonaLisa, one of the biggest EE2 fans, who was determined enough to learn programming and develop unofficial patches with features I always wanted to have in EE2, without affecting the orginal game balance. I started playing EE2 when I was 7 years old, in 2005, right after release. Me and my brother loved the demo version of EE2. I remember we used to keep the computer in the "sleep mode" just to continue a game next day (the demo version had no save feature). And that's enough about me, I would rather stay mysterious than leak my whole life here. It's better to focus on game itself, and that's what will be done on this blog!

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