EE2.EU SANCTIONS services are not available in your country (Russia) due to sanctions issued after the invasion on Ukraine in February 2022. If you don't support your country's regime, you can remove the sanctions by visiting: condemns Putin's regime, which leads Russian Federation to be responsible for the unreasonable, unprovoked and unjustified invasion on a democratic European country - Ukraine, in February 2022. We condemn Russian propaganda (including media censorship), lies that the Jewish President Zelenskiy and democratic Ukrainian government are "nazists", long-term violation of human rights, crimes against humanity during the invasion and dozens of other criminal acts. We also condemn Belarus (Lukashenko's regime) for help in the invasion and the same reasons related to censorship and human rights violation.

We understand that not all of the sanctioned players support actions made by dictators who hold power of their countries. Unfortunately, as a nation, citizens make these crimes possible to happen, regardless if they have a choice or not (insufficient anti-war protests, military recruitment, etc.). allows players to remove sanctions for their IP address and use services normally. We do not take responsibility if authorities of your country identify your decision and led you to responsibility (e.g. prison, work camps), but we never share users data with any third-party. Even if the sanctions weren't active in our services, using them could bring exactly the same risks, as we openly support the anti-war movements. Therefore, this warning was also created in order to protect players from Russia and Belarus, and not to leave any doubts. You're still using it on your own risk.

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