Ministry of Game Affairs of the Empire Earth II Community

Ministry of Game Affairs of the Empire Earth II Community
High Representative of the Ministry of Game Affairs: Dr.MonaLisa

Department of Justice
Full name: Department of Problems Between Players and Justice
Minister: xRedWonderx (Fireheart2)
Minister: Lukwert
Minister: Matty
Role: Deciding in Justicement cases. Judicial settlement for players complaints and appeals against decisions of the Department of Control and Complaints. Interpretation of the active Government Acts (Amending Act / Law / EE2 Constitution*) in case of doubts.

Department of Control
Full name: Department of Control and Complaints
Minister: Dr.MonaLisa
Role: Controlling Unofficial Patch 1.6 users (especially Multiplayer community) to protect the community from harmful behaviours caused by other players. Checking reliabilities of player reports and issuing punishments in case when reported player's behaviour harms the community. Verifying if players and other Ministers respect rules from the active Government Acts (Amending Act / Law / EE2 Constitution*).

Department of Mods
Full name: Department of Modding and Testing
Minister: Loewenherz
Role: Modding game. Researching EE2 features. Expert in the Map Editor. Controlling and Testing EE2 mods and software (including Unofficial Patch 1.6). Checking reliability of reported bugs and helping to re-produce problems for faster fixing.

Department of History
Full name: Department of EE2 History and Oldschool Players
Minister: Laetitian
Minister: Deus
Role: Providing information about the "oldschool" players, old clans and general history of EE2. Protecting the good name of players who are not longer playing.

Department of Mysteries
Full name: Department of EE2 Mysteries and Scenario Editor
Minister: Loewenherz
Role: Researching EE2 features. Finding answers for unexplained game behaviours or files. Expert in the Map Editor.
Department of Propaganda
Full name: Department of EE2 Promotion and Propaganda
Minister: Tojo
Role: Promoting EE2 with Unofficial Patch 1.5 on the other forums / websites. Contacting inactive players in case of community events. Answering to messages from old players who want to return to the game. Providing basic help and support in installing EE2 and/or UP1.5.


The New Empire Earth II Government is a part of Empire Earth II Community. Every Empire Earth II player who uses Unofficial Patch 1.6 accepts the government's rules and Amending Acts (Government Law).
The Government has been created on 1st of July 2011 to help keep Empire Earth 2 Multiplayer Community Alive, and to help Empire Earth 2 players solve their problems with the game and the players.



The Status Center was an informative website which contained most recent information from the EE2 community life. It's not longer updated. To visit the archival site, please click on the picture below:

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